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AS 3745-2002

Australian Standard AS 3745-1995, Emergency control organization and procedures for buildings, was reissued as AS 3745 Emergency control organisation and procedures for buildings, structures and workplaces in 2002.

The Standard sets out recommended emergency procedures for the evacuation of people in buildings, structures and workplaces during emergencies and establishes guidelines on the appointment of the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC), the setting up of an Emergency Control Organization (ECO) and the preparation of emergency plans and procedures. It also addresses the role and authority of ECO personnel while executing their duties and requires an education and training programme.



International Fire Protection Pty. Ltd
. is an independent consultancy that provides fire safety and emergency management consulting services.

We specialise in fire safety engineering, evacuation procedures, emergency education and training, fire safety audits and community safety programs for buildings, workplaces and structures.

We also provide an “On Line” internet based facility for emergency evacuation education, training and maintenance.

Our capability statement may be obtained by email to info@efire.com.au

www.efire.com.au www.efire.com.au